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Ordering Details

$20 each - Steamed or Live

Party Packs

Includes:  Cracking Tools & Bibs

2 for $10

4 for $20

6 for $30

8 for $40

Lobster + Fixin's + Party Packs

$35 each

Includes: 1 Lobster, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw, Drawn Butter, Lemon

and Cracking Tools & Bibs

Lobster Salad

$35 / 1 lb.  

Prepared by Sidewalk Deli

Order Deadline is May 1st!

Order Online at www.mowrowan.org

or call 704-633-0352


Please consider sponsoring a meal for a Senior in need:

2 Days - $15.00

1 Week - $37.50

1 Month - $150.00


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