Volunteers are the key to delivering over 200 meals across Rowan County, Monday through Friday, throughout the year.  We welcome seniors, students, business, churches, and individuals who want to donate their time to helping others.

Many of our participants tell us the best part about meal delivery is the friendly, caring visit each weekday. Volunteers often times are the only contact that they have during the day, and provide an important safety check to help ensure our neighbors’ well-being. They are the eyes and ears of Meals on Wheels and can help us extend our outreach beyond mealtime needs. 

MOW volunteers represent a cross-section of all the wonderful caring people in Rowan County. Volunteers spend one to two hours a day delivering meals and their goodwill to an average of ten participants per route Mondays through Friday from 10:30 – 12:30. Volunteers pick up the meals at one of five different meal sites, deliver the meals to meal recipients and return the insulated totes to the pickup sites. Recipients are grouped into routes geographically to minimize travel and effort for the volunteers. Currently, over 1,000 volunteers annually deliver an average of 200 meals daily throughout Rowan County. Volunteers deliver at scheduled times each month (once a month, twice a month, weekly). We currently need volunteers throughout Rowan County.

To volunteer please call 704-633-0352 or click 
HERE to fill out our online Volunteer Application Form.


PO Box 1914 • Salisbury, NC 28145 • 704-633-0352 • www.mowrowan.org

Dear Meals on Wheels Rowan Volunteers, 

After 42 years, Meals on Wheels Rowan is taking a giant step toward meeting the growing need for home-delivered meals for homebound seniors and disabled citizens.  After multiple conversations with United Way leadership, the Meals on Wheels Rowan Board of Directors has determined to step out from under the umbrella of United Way member agencies.  

The decline in recent United Way campaigns and subsequent decline in agency allocations left Meals on Wheels in the bottom three of agency members funded by United Way.  Our current United Way allocation provides only 7% of our income. The need for home-delivered meals is growing, and we have outgrown the capability of United Way to fund Meals on Wheels.  If you have designated to Meals on Wheels through the United Way Campaign in the past, we invite you to give directly to Meals to Wheels Rowan in the future.

Many people think that home-delivered meals are free.  In Rowan County, every participant who receives home-delivered meals is asked to contribute as they can.  On average, our participants contribute 30% toward the meal program cost.  Many of you see participants who can and do readily contribute substantially to the cost of the meal program, as well as others that you know, would likely miss a meal without Meals on Wheels.

You, our Volunteers deliver over 53,000 nutritious meals on 27 routes across Rowan County each Monday through Friday.  We currently have 49 individuals on our waiting list.  Next year, Rowan County will have more seniors over 60 years old than children ages 0-17.  We know that you recognize that home-delivered meals offer the opportunity for many seniors to age in the place of their choosing.  Our participants maintain their independence and look forward to daily visits from all of you. 

Without home-delivered meals, many of our participants would have to move to assisted living or skilled nursing facilities where the expense of their care is significantly greater than living at home.  In 2016-2017, Medicaid expenses for skilled nursing care in Rowan County were $29 million.  It costs $1875 to provide home-delivered meals to one participant for one year. Meals on Wheels can serve our current participants and everyone on our waiting list for less than $525,000.  

We appreciate the support of United Way through the years. Should the new community needs assessment include the priorities of homebound seniors and disabled citizens, hunger, senior health,
senior safety, or aging in place, we will seek to join United Way in addressing these issues.  We look forward to the challenge and opportunity of raising funds to support home-delivered meals for all eligible homebound seniors and disabled citizens who need a nutritious meal delivered with a friendly greeting from you, our Meals on Wheels volunteers.  Meals on Wheels Rowan could not exist without you!

Thank you for all you do!

Connie Basinger
Connie Basinger, President
The Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels of Rowan, Inc.

Meals on Wheels Rowan "We Deliver!"