Many of our clients tell us the best part about meal delivery is the friendly, caring visitors each weekday. Volunteers often times are the only contact that they have during the day, and provide an important safety check to help ensure our neighbors’ well-being. They are the eyes and ears of Meals on Wheels and can help us extend our outreach beyond mealtime needs. 

Become A Volunteer For Meals On Wheels

Volunteers are the key to delivering over 200 meals across Rowan County, Monday through Friday, throughout the year.  We welcome seniors, students, business, churches, and individuals who want to donate their time to helping others.


“I’m vertical and I’m verbal! Being able to help someone gives me a reason to get out of bed each day. I just love it!”

- Virginia, Meals on Wheels Volunteer for over 27 years!

MOW volunteers represent a cross section of all the wonderful caring people in Rowan County. Volunteers spend one to two hours a day delivering meals and their goodwill to an average of ten clients per route Mondays through Friday from 11:00 – 12:30. Volunteers pick up the meals at one of five different meal sites, deliver the meals to meal recipients and return the meal carriers to the sites. Recipients are grouped into routes geographically to minimize travel and effort for the volunteers. Currently, over 1,000 volunteers annually deliver an average of 200 meals daily throughout Rowan County. Volunteers deliver at scheduled times each month (once a month, twice a month, weekly). We currently need volunteers throughout Rowan County.

To volunteer please call 704-633-0352 or click 
HERE to fill out our online Volunteer Application Form.